2013 Teams ’98 Div

 The following teams have committed to enter the 2013 Junior Chowder Cup
 July 25th, 26th, 27th, & 28th.
Foxboro Sports Center, Foxboro, Ma – Iorio Arena, Walpole, Ma – and
Canton Sports Plex, Canton, Ma

1998 Division

Team Coach/GM
   Adirondack Ice Hogs Steve Moore
   B45’s   (Canada) Dave Jacome
   Boston Generals (Gray) Brett Riley/Rob Riley 
   Boston Generals (Green) Brett Riley/Rob Riley
   Boston Hockey Club Ryan McGrath
   Boston Junior Whalers Mike Field/Mike Cusack
   Canada West Alberta Tyler Drader
   Canada West BC Peter Frantz/Jay Johnson
   CC Crusaders (Canada) Kevin Abrams/President CCHL
   CC Saints  (Canada)  (Canada) Kevin Abrams/President CCHL
   CC Cougars  (Canada) Kevin Abrams/President CCHL
   CHE  (Canada) Jerome Dupont
   CT Blades Robert Dow
   DHA  (Canada) Dave Dickens/Stan Kondrotas
   East Coast Militia (Boston) Nik Tasiopoulos
   East Coast Militia (Green) Nik Tasiopoulos
   East Coast Militia (White) Nik Tasiopoulos
   EPP Dan Lupo
   FineLine Hockey  (Canada) Kory Cooper
   Hockey Essentials (Black) Mark Lotito/Paul Losik
   Hockey Essentials (White) Mark Lotito/Paul Losik
   JR Titans George Haviland
   Marauders TBA
   Metro East (Black)   (Canada) Frank Robinson (GM)
   NE Thrashers Billy Weiand
   New England Battalion Clint Edinger
   New England Nordiques (Blue)  Tom O’Connor
   New England Nordiques (White)   Tom O’Connor 
   New York Rangers Doug Messier/Jeff Deveney
   OneHockey North America Black Sebastien Fortier 
   OneHockey New England Canucks Sebastien Fortier 
   Players First Future Pros  (Canada) John Dean/Brent Hughes
   Premier Hockey Blues  (Canada) James Willis
   Pro Hockey Development-Hoffman  (Canada) Matt Hoffman
   Pro Performance Hockey Troy MacCormick
   Pro Prospects Harkie Singh
   Rapid Hockey  (Canada) Greg Orsini
   Select Skills ’98 Matt Sanders
   Skyland Selects Alex Shindelman
   Team Ontario Stingrays  (Canada) Kyle Venema
   TEP Hockey (Black)   (Canada) Andre Darlow 
   TEP Hockey (White) (Canada) Andre Darlow 
   Townshend Hockey Selects Graeme Townshend 

Teams and players interested in participating should contact Pro-Am Director Mike O’Connell at michaeljoconnell@comcast.net