All-American Prospects top team at 2018 Jr. Chowder Cup, winning ’02 division title.

FOXBORO – The 2018 Jr. Chowder Cup is over and the All-American Prospects closed it out as the tournament’s top team. They defeated Selects Hockey Development 4-2 to claim the 2002 division championship on Sunday evening at the Foxboro Sports Center.

All-American went to work early in their pursuit of the crown, Michael Suda scoring just two minutes into the contest to put his side up 1-0. Selects did not go quietly, however, managing to tie the game 1-1 on a goal at the 14-minute mark by Frank Djurasevic.

Battle as they did, Selects fought a hard road en rout to the title bout, including a shootout victory in the semifinals, and their exhaustive journey seemed to show in the tournament’s final contest. All-American took advantage of that.

A goal by Dane Dowiak at 16:25 and another by Brandon Chabrier just a minute later made it 3-1 All-American. They took a stranglehold on the scoreboard.

Running on fumes as they were, Selects continued to fight as they could and netted a second at 21:25, courtesy of Justin Gordon, closing the gap to one. There just was not enough left for a complete comeback. An empty net goal by George Daher sealing their fate at 4-2.

All-American Prospects proclaimed the 2018 Jr. Chowder Cup’s 2002 division champions with the win.


2018 Jr. Chowder Cup 2002 All-Tournament Team


Jason Siedem (All-American Prospects), Victor Czernekiamair and Stanley Cooley (Selects Hockey Development)


Brandon Chabrier (All-American Prospects) and Hank Kemph (Selects Hockey Development)


Xavier Medina (All-American Prospects)

Most Valuable Player

Nick Desantis (All-American Prospects)